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Powerful and Insightful

I am so grateful for my session with Lisa. From the moment we began to talk about my issues, I felt so relaxed and at ease.  I felt so comfortable opening up to her, with her fun and warm energy.

Lisa's insight and ability to read my energy was fantastic. The more we discussed, the more and more confidence I gained in myself and my ability to know and trust in myself. The energy work was powerful and very insightful (I was aware of it cleansing my system for a couple of days afterwards).

Lisa really helped me to gain a clearer perspective over my situation with the information she received. She also gave me a tool to help with my inner child, which I find so valuable and it's one that I use daily.


Overall it was a great experience. Lisa is gifted and fantastic at what she does. I would definitely recommend her to others.

-Maria C.

Guided Towards Self-Realization

"When I began my sessions I felt so alone, empty, hopeless, I was in agony. I was encouraged by Lisa to try the spiritual sessions with her. This consisted of three one hour sessions, I laughed, I cried, I had a typical response to a really great story. The interesting thing about it all was the story was my own. I explored fragments of my childhood that had left me ironically in fragments as an adult.

“Talking to Lisa she posed questions that triggered responses that dealt directly with life altering moments in my past. Talking to Lisa allowed me to give a voice to the memories that had never had the chance to speak before in my consciousness.


“Although we have never met in person, Lisa was able to tap into aspects of my psyche that were deeply affected by events in my life and bring them to light. I became whole and started to put together the pieces that explained why I am the way I am today and how I have held myself back from my full potential.


“Today I’m much stronger emotionally, no longer blocked, much more grounded and I’m able to deal with life situations without reacting out of fear.

“I will be forever grateful for the counseling and healing. I will be forever thankful to Lisa and what she has done for me, she is what I call an angel on earth.


“Anyone who hires Lisa as their spiritual healer will be changed forever and by changed I mean healed, understood and guided toward self-realization. Lisa will always be like my trusted friend by my side, someone who has the ability to illuminate with astounding clarity in any situation and deliver extraordinary results with humor, kindness and unwavering compassion.


“I would highly recommend anyone who has any issue to give yourself that opportunity and give Lisa at least one chance so that you can experience her gifts of insight."


"From The Bottom of My Heart I Thank You,”


–  Sally S. Pena


More Confident

"Lisa helped me feel more confident with my skills in my practice. She has a wonderful way of helping find a path through the problems.


Her work even cleared my sinuses for the rest of the day! I am grateful for her presence and her work!"



Blocks from Past Traumas Vaporized  

"Lisa is phenomenal!  The mindset shifts that have taken place within me with Lisa’s help are almost unbelievable.  I keep thinking tomorrow I will wake up feeling heavy again, but I don’t!  


I came to Lisa so frustrated, with this feeling that something subconsciously was holding me down.  I didn’t know what or how to break free.  With no prior experience with energy healing,  


I had no clue what to expect at all or if it would even help, but in my complimentary breakthrough session I was stunned as Lisa told me things about myself and my past that there was absolutely no way she could know.  I felt hope for the first time in a long time and knew I had to give this a try.  


Lisa’s intuitive gifts are simply amazing.  She coaches and does her clearing with zero judgement but loads of patience, kindness, empathy and grace.


Lisa uncovered the invisible things holding me back and in the days following each session I began to feel lighter, more confident, focused, creative and eager to work towards my goals. Blocks from past traumas that I didn’t even know about or realize were having a big impact on my life have been vaporized.  


Lisa also taught me so many things about my energy and the importance of doing my own clearings at the end of a long day, which has had a huge impact on my day-to-day energy levels.  


I have learned to receive, not just give. I feel a level of self- acceptance and confidence I have never known.  I am truly standing in my power stronger, clearer, excited about what the future holds.  


Thank you, Lisa, from the bottom of my heart.  You are gifted and truly one of a kind.  I Thank God that our life paths crossed and I am forever grateful."     


-Mindy Wittig

Happier and More Efficient

"I first met Lisa at a community meeting at her synagogue, in 2016.  While there she told me how she was a power coach and would be willing to show me how to unload all sorts of "stuff" as she put it.  Being open minded towards such things, I was more than happy to take her up on it.  We arranged a time and Lisa came to my district station and she worked on me as well as gave me different sources of absorbing and ridding myself of "stuff."

What is "stuff?"  Stuff is anything that causes you stress, that makes life unnecessarily difficult, the tough nut that you have to crack.  It is all the stressor's in your life that stretch you too thin to the point that you don't operate at your most efficient level.  You become a computer in need of defragmentation, running at half the efficiency that it's capable of.

Now I captain a district station. When I first met Lisa, I captained the Seventh District in Milwaukee, Wi., the busiest district in the city.  Needless to say, my hard drive, staying with the computer analogy, was getting fragmented pretty quickly.  So when Lisa first worked on me, she had a lot of work to do.

All I can say is this, after three years of her sessions, I am happier, more efficient, I have more energy.  Again, I operate at a higher efficiency.  She has been kind enough to work on me about every two to three months.  On one occasion it was a bit longer, as the summer had past (our busiest time), and she worked on my for nearly two hours. I was "limping," going into the session and "zero to sixty in less than five seconds" at the end of it.  I cannot say enough about it.

All that said, if you feel like you are stretched too thin, like you don't have enough time, if you look at your work load and it seems endless/hopeless, give Lisa a try.  You will see light at the end of the tunnel which will only get bigger as the sessions continue and build on each other."


Captain of Police
Milwaukee Police Department
Fifth District

Lighter and Freer  


"I met Lisa at first by phone when she did a scan.  We had never met and she knew nothing about me.  I was amazed at how accurate she was with my success and issues within myself.    


After a loving and supportive conversation I agreed to book an in person session.  It was very emotional but based on where my life stood in that moment I was not surprised.  What I did discover was on the hour drive home, as I drove each passing mile, I felt lighter and free.  The things I had been able to release were leaving.  I felt more able to breathe than I had in quite awhile due to life’s circumstances in those moments.    


I would certainly do this process again and will forever hold Lisa dear to my heart.  


Great gratitude to Spirit for connecting me with her in the perfect divine timing.   Blessings, Lisa helped clear energy to help me get through a period of time where I was insecure about my abilities and talents.   I pushed forward with her clearings and was able to get through some seemingly impossible hurdles. She went above and beyond to support me.   Thanks, Lisa!" 



Decreased Anxiety  


"Not only is Lisa a good-hearted person but also she is very compassionate.

She was able to help me clear the ruminating thoughts that I was having and helped decrease my anxiety.


It was great because we didn’t even have to be in the same place for her to be able to do her energy work on me and that came in very handy when neither of us had the time or availability to travel to each other’s location.   


The other very interesting thing that Lisa did for me was to give me phrases and questions that I could use in order to get back control of whatever my current situation or issue was.  


I thoroughly enjoyed working with Lisa and would recommend taking her up on her free consultation so that you can experience her expertise for yourself."  


-Judy Hahn

  Time Well Invested


"For those of you looking to realign your focus, regain energy and help prioritize where you should be spending that energy I highly suggest using Lisa as a resource.


I found the sessions to be introspective and uplifting and often left refreshed and with a renewed vigor towards making the most out of my day and taking concrete steps towards reaching goals both professionally and personally. It was time well invested."


– Ryan Atkins, Owner CrossFit Milwaukee  

Letting Go


"I had my first session with Lisa in July 2014. She really got in there and unblocked my Chakras and the next day I felt so much better. I started letting go of things I was holding on to.  


After our second session, I realized I could not control every aspect of my 18-year-old son’s life. I was trying to control his life at home and at school. This was making me so nervous and tense. After my session with Lisa I realized I couldn’t be responsible for everything he or anyone else does.   I finally let the entire burden go and it feels great!


I am looking forward to our next session." 


– Lori Miller

Improved Golf Game


"The BARS session was amazing. It cleared out so much mind clutter and negative thinking.” “Visualization and golf– I had my best tee to green swings in a loooooong time at Mee Kwon Golf in Mequon and I improved 5 strokes on the back nine including a birdie 3 on the last hole.   When I visualized properly and focused on my swing I hit 7 of 14 fairways and 7 of 18 greens in regulation. That was my best in ages for hitting greens in regulation. Thank you for the amazing clearings!”  


– Robert Matuszak

Lighter and Clearer


“I wasn’t sure what exactly was going to happen when I would get energy work done, and to be honest, I was a bit skeptical about the whole thing. However, when Lisa began to give over the information she had received from my energy- I was amazed! Not one thing was off! In fact, she hit on several issues that I had never ever shared with anyone in my whole life! Just from that one session I felt lighter and more clear- I can only imagine where I’ll be with more sessions!”  


– Amy Hunt

Breaking Through Fear and Negativity


"I’ve been working deeply on self-realization for years, but Lisa was able in one session to reveal layers of psychic “junk” that I wasn’t even aware were there. Her insights were spot on, and delivered with warmth and true compassion. Lisa’s insights are empowering and already helping me start to break through a barrier of fear and negativity that has held me back for almost two decades. I can’t wait for my next session! " 


– Anne Michelsen


Amazing Clearing


"During my sessions with Lisa I learned a lot about myself. She helped me let go of past issues and opened me up to what the future holds. The clearing was amazing and I can see much better now. It opened up a whole new world of possibilities. I highly recommend her services. She is one of a kind." 


-Randy Poredos,  Foundry Supervisor

Finally Living My Purpose


"Hi Lisa, thank you SO much for the work you have done with me in your program!  You were able to release in me things that I have not been able to access or even see for that matter.  


When I started the program with you, I was so closed up, hiding and being invisible that I had only a few regular clients, only enough to get by.  But by the time we had finished the program, I was scheduling live events and online events with 65-100 people attending!   


I finally feel like I am living my purpose after so many years of struggling to put myself out there.  So thank you again, Lisa; because you’ve helped me, you’ve helped my clients find me for me to be able to help them. Much love and gratitude"



Freer and More Joyful


I am so grateful to have met and had the opportunity to work with Lisa. She truly is a Gift from G-d. I went from feeling down and heavy and no hope to a freer, more joyful and loving person; more aware of who I am and where I want to go in Life. I was able to let go and let G-d in.  


– Sincerely, Kris P.

Clear Your Blocks

Lisa is a kind and caring lady that helps you clear your blocks and get out of your own way. I really enjoy working with her and think you will as well.

-Karin Conway, Organic Growth Coach

Confidence to Follow My Pursuits


Lisa is clairvoyant, seeing issues and conflicts right away, without my having to go into much detail. She can assess a person’s character clearly and accurately. She saves me so much time by getting to the point and the heart of the matter right away.. She tells me the real deal and gives sound practical advice on what to do for my highest and best good. She is great at knowing a person’s true colors, her character assessment are invaluable..


I also love that she tunes into my true purpose which gives me confidence to follow and / or reconsider my pursuits. Lisa’s work benefits me on all levels, emotional, physical, spiritual.  


– Alison

Biggest transition of my life


You better have your battery charged! Lisa is an amazing energy phenom!   She guided me through the biggest transition of my life.  The death of my husband at 50 years old left me with many questions.  With each power session she not only answered my questions but also could tell me about any physical issues I had.  Within an hour of my session my body not only felt lighter, the internal questions were answered almost immediately! (Have your pen and paper ready.)  


She is always available via email and helps with any issues that crop up. Now I’m ready to “stand in my power” full on to meet my destiny!   Thank you Lisa for your wonderful gift!  


– Jean A Dorsey  


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