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Lisa Berman

Intuitive Energy Healer and Coach

Don't know where else to turn?

Whether you are an athlete, CEO or solopreneur, stay at home mom, veteran, or have children who aren’t reaching their full potential; feeling stressed, stuck and anxious, I’ve probably helped someone just like you (or your kids) to break through what’s not working in their lives.

As we go through life, our vital energy “chi” gets blocked by our experiences and exposures. Emotional, mental and physical trauma all contribute to energetic “sticking points” – blocks that can hold us back in many ways. It can affect our relationships, finances, and work or life performance. That’s when it’s time to start looking at these hidden barriers to success, peace & happiness.

That’s where I comes in.

I use powerful energy-releasing techniques to help you let go of those blocks – some of which you may have held onto for years – so you can finally clear the obstacles that are keeping you from reaching your highest potential as a business person, mom, dad, student, or athlete.

I have helped many kinds of people in a wide variety of situations, for whom nothing else worked, overcome problems like these to live happy, healthy, productive lives again: 

* Phobias

* Stagnant businesses

* Addictions

* Post-trauma issues

* Unclear goals

* Dead end careers

*Physical ailments

Are you ready to clear the obstacles that are getting in your way of having more confidence, clarity and focus to powerfully move forward in your life? Contact me today for your Free 20 Minute Deep Dive Power Session!

To your amazing success,




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Reiki Treatment
Manicured Hands

Body Processes

 Enjoy a 90 minute hands on healing session using a technique that focuses on specific parts of the body


Spring Forest Qigong Mindfulness Moving Meditation

Join me in this relaxing moving meditation group that anyone can do, to help you heal your mind, body and soul



Enjoy a 50 minute hands on healing session using a technique that focuses on the entire body as well as the mind


Distance Healing

This is done anytime, anywhere, over zoom or over the phone. In this 50 minute session, we dig deep to clear all the obstacles that are getting in your way of you having more confidence, clarity and focus to powerfully move forward in your life


Access Consciousness Bars

90 minute hands on healing technique that clears your electrical system to help you defrag your brain and bring you clarity, healing, and energy


Click here for a FREE 20 minute Deep Dive Power Session!













More Confident

"Lisa helped me feel more confident with my skills in my practice. She has a wonderful way of helping find a path through the problems.

Her work even cleared my sinuses for the rest of the day! I am grateful for her presence and her work!"



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About Me

About Me

As I worked in different careers over the years, I always felt that I had a greater purpose in the world than what I was doing at the time. I wasn’t reaching my full potential. I tried different business endeavors, hoping that I'd find the “one” that would make me happy, content and fulfilled.


Although I don't regret having worked strictly in the business world (it comes in handy when I work with business people), those paths did not lead to my happiness, contentment or fulfillment.

What I realized is that I was following the path that was ingrained in me when I was younger, not necessarily the path that was inherently mine.


Once I owned who I was, an Intuitive Energy Healer, I was able to flourish; my path became clear, and I am able to create my own happiness. I have many modalities and continue to learn more, so that I can offer unique, individualized programs for my clients that fit their needs.

I’m blessed with a wonderful husband who supports me, beautiful children (inside and out), a grandchild, a zen dog (as seen above), fish, frogs and a snail.


Get In Touch

If you have any questions about what I do and/or how I can help you, contact me below or go to: to set up a Free 20 Minute Deep Dive Power Session.


Milwaukee, Wisconsin \\ Tel: 773-343-0509


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